$100- Draw




On Saturday the 25th of May, the nest witnessed the inaugural $1000 draw. The Falcons showed up in droves for their chance to win the novelty-sized cheque (and the real cheque) and participate in some “athletic” games.


The hard work on the track paid off as the Falcs showed off their endurance, flexibility, ingenuity (and overall competitive nature) at “The Hammer Game”, “The Ping Pong Game” and “The Pedometer Game”.

A big thank you to all those who helped in the night’s planning and execution, including those working on the door, bar, on the DJ decks, running the games and clean up.
An even bigger thank you to Daisy for co-ordinating the event and to Daisy’s family for their massive contribution in catering the evening. A great time was had by all and your hard work is greatly appreciated!
*Note: Falcons management would like to apologise for the images below as some viewers may find them disturbing.