It was a determined Falcons Metro Team that took to the field on Sunday against 6th placed Watsonia Heights. After drawing 3-3 at their last encounter, the Falcons had shown significant improvement since then and went into this match feeling that it could be their’s for the taking.

However the Falcons were without key striker Eliza Eddy who, an hour earlier broke her wrist during the Division 2 match against La Trobe University.

The game began with Watsonia pressuring the Falcons defence but after a slightly nervous start the Falcons settled and were able to create opportunities going forward through Kristen Tytler on the left wing and Heidi Fisher and Amy Higginson up front. Despite some great passing play through Kate Dullard, Briony Campbell, Irena Faranacci and Miranda Malanuik in the centre, the Falcons were unable to capitalise and went into the break 0-0.

A few well chosen words by coach Tracey Hodge at half time roused the troops and the Falcons returned to the field full of purpose. None more so than Eva Kotsiras who departed somewhat from her usual role as sweeper and began attacking down the left wing. It was clear she would stay in attacking mode until a goal was scored, and luckily, one was. An Eva free kick was neatly converted by a Miranda Malanuik header and the Falcons went one up, much to the relief of fellow defenders Staci Timms, Jasmine Hirst, Alice Ewing and Ruth Barton who has begun to wonder if they’d see Eva back in the backline again.

Despite some reckless tackles from the opposition, the Falcons kept up the momentum and were helped by some magnificent saves by cool-headed goal keeper Sal Rees. The score remained at 1-0 giving the Falcons their fourth win of the season.

In their last match the Falcons travel away to take on traditional rivals Fawkner.