Premier Division


Darebin                                 6.4,  7.5,  10.7,  13.12  (90)

Berwick                                 0.0,  0.0,  1.0,  1.0  (6)

Coming off another week without football, the Falcons were keen to get back on the track for their Round 9 clash with Berwick. Not even horrible weather could dampen their spirits, even if it was dampening everything else. Conditions were terrible, but for the newly dubbed “wet weather specialists” the rain, wind and cold posed little threat.


The teams took the field for the opening bounce, already soaked. But it didn’t take long for the Falcons to pounce. As she does week in week out, Aasta gave the mids first use of the ball and they quickly moved it into the forward line. Here, Loz was immediately impressive, marking what could only be described as a greased medicine ball and converting truly multiple times. The first quarter was played mostly in the Falcon’s forward 50, and with Berwick pushing most players back, the game was a very congested affair. Any attempt by Berwick to move the ball out of the Falcon’s forward 50 was thwarted by rebounds from the likes of Shivs, Darcy and JC, who just kept pumping the ball back in. The result was a six goal first term from the Falcons with Berwick failing to score.


Scoring was the only thing to dry up in the second quarter as Berwick adjusted their flooding game style to a more man-on-man approach. The Falcs stayed hard at the ball and again were the only ones threatening the score board – albeit only managing a further goal. Frustrations heightened as skill sets dropped and the under-manned Berwick resorted to some interesting intimidation tactics. Since verbal badgering wasn’t working, they tried some affection….Sammy not letting them get away with either of it! The Enforcer has returned.


After spending half time under the hand dryers in the change rooms, teams took back to the swimming pool….errr, football oval. The Falcs got straight back into the swing of things. Five more scoring shots to one in the third, reflected the dominance of the away side. With an unbeatable lead under their belts, Richo took the opportunity to test his chargers in different positions. Backs went forward, and forwards went back. But it was young Darcy who set the standard, showing her versatility in any role she was given, keeping the ball on a string despite the conditions.


In the final quarter the Falcons really took the opportunity to test their changes and their game play. Woody led by example, running and making space across the large ground, encouraging switch play where possible. Daisy, Hammo and Gemma epitomised the Falcons’ toughness but it was every player putting their heads over the ball and bodies on the line in tough conditions, that the coach was most pleased with. “Our endeavour and hardness at the footy, especially at the start, set the tone for the day and we left them with no doubt we had come to play”. 25 shots to 1 on a large ground in atrocious conditions was simply dominating. Well done Falcons.


Premier Reserves


Darebin                                 6.5,  9.10,  11.17,  12.20  (92)

Berwick                                 0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  1.0  (6)

GOALS, Darebin  : Alicia Reivers 4, Louise Potter 3, Victoria  Pettit 1, Alana Wearne 1, Anna Brown 1, Taryn Escreet 1, Kate Tyndall 1, Berwick  : Lauren Chalkley 1

BEST, Darebin  : Emily Campbell, Victoria  Pettit, Taryn Escreet, Katrina Gunther, Rebecca Hickmott, Anna Brown, Berwick: Ashlea Stevens, Jade Hough, Michelle Vernall, Danielle Lansdell, Barbara Wingshing, Shellyce Ryan

It was a long trek out to Berwick, but not long enough for some who drove 23km more than necessary to enjoy the scenery and conversation. 17 girls gathered, not in the best mood to play footy, on a big ground in the cold and one (wo)man down. We were enthused by the late inclusion of “Rivers” aka Rievers and the forecast of hail.

The game started well with clean clearances in the middle from Zachy and Tyndall and great rucking from Soxy (running on 1 hour sleep). Potter was back and presented well up forward as did Bec and Tory. In the second quarter we kicked against the wind but still managed to keep the ball in our forward line for most of the quarter.

The rain started after half time and the game turned ugly and cold. The Falcons still managed to keep the ball up forward although there isn’t much to report on the quarter as visibility was low (we in the backline kept ourselves warm by huddling together with the opposition and couldn’t see the forward line through the rain). Taz was definitely working hard, as usual, and was very clearly looking very tired.

The last quarter started with the forwards becoming the backline and the backline getting a chance to convert “backline glory” into “forward line glory.” Gunners lead well and celebrated an amazing behind. Berwick managed to kick a goal, their only score for the game. The fourth quarter also saw everyone showing the initial signs of hypothermia.

Overall a great game in poor conditions and great to get the win over them after their win early in the season.

Go Falcs!