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MFB Gender Equity Cup

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Premier Reserves

Darebin Falcons  vs Diamond Creek

It was a great day for football at the Mantello Holden Oval in Coburg to kick off the 2011 season.  The Falcons Reserves, despite many new faces, took the big occasion in their stride, playing aggressive, confident football and keeping Diamond Creek goalless for the first half.

A new look midfield delivered the ball skillfully into the forward line, where there were many go-to options. Taz, Sommer and Roey carved up the midfield and Tilly was seemingly everywhere, tackling and chasing hard. Socksy continued her Ruck-Revelation from last year, dominant in the air as well as in the ground level contests. El Presidente Bec, showed off her skills once again, leading the players with her example of tough, poised football.  Falcons Debutantes, Georgia, took plenty of strong marks and Matty attacked the ball and provided an increasingly strong presence as the game wore on.

Roey, Kerro and Roi played as if they had never missed a game, their skills, strength and footy brains on show. New Falcons Bug, Michelle, Alexis, Georgia and Matty all contributed well and showed promising signs for the coming season.

Potter, in her first official game as Reserves coach, proved what everyone had known all along; she is a natural and assured coach. And as a bonus, she didn’t give away any free kicks from the bench.


Premier Divison

Darebin Falcons  vs Diamond Creek

The grand final rematch at the new VWFL home ground proved a fantastic game to launch season 2011.  It was a big moment for the Falcons with new players and a new coach; however, the reigning premiers proved they are still the team to beat.

The Falcons kicked into the wind for the first quarter. They applied plenty of forward pressure, and held the ball in the forward half, helped by Woody chopping off all efforts the Creekers made to clear the Falcons forward line.

The Creekers had the wind next and the Falcons’ forward line was clogged up with opposition players making it difficult to mark cleanly and get effective shots on goal. A concentration lapse at the end of the second quarter allowed the Creekers to kick a couple of quick goals and at half time, the Falcons were only up by 7 points.

The gauntlet thrown down, the invigorated Falcons, fresh from the half-time steam room, entered the Premiership quarter with a point to prove, tightening up on opposition and hitting targets. Space finally emerged in the attacking fifty and the forwards had a chance to do what they do best. Daisy was everywhere, clearing the ball in the clinches and marking strongly.

As the sun emerged, the Falcons kicked away in the last quarter, just like the Darebin of old. Jess took some great marks in defense, thwarting the Creekers’ chances of a comeback.

The year ahead looks both fascinating and promising. A special mention should go to the new players, Alanna, Jess, Alicia R and Tory, who all attacked the football with confidence and skill, slotting into the team structures deftly. Congratulations also to Mick for his first game and first win as a Falcons coach.


Special Mentions:

–       To Kimmy for having to go straight to hospital for a Tetanus shot after a giant baby tooth to her head

–       To Coutta for breaking her left bum cheek

–       To all the young girls…and Tory, for their first awesome game.

–       Also, congratulations to Tory for no soccer dives.

–       To previously vice captain MFB Hammo for showing up late from an auction, forgetting her jersey, then leaving during the last quarter to attend ‘obviously not her’ wedding .

–       To Loz Baisley for letting the Falcons know that that’s the only cup we’re winning this year.

–       After a poor kick by Jane, Schwager was pushed like a ragdoll through the goals for a rushed behind